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The V-City is dedicated to the development and deployment of V-Commerce for the benefit of the citizens and businesses within the Commonwealth.


V-City is a model ecosystem for how humans can work, learn, entertain, and socialize in a virtual environment. The Commonwealth of Virginia initiative, shepherded by AccessVR, is a consortium of diverse entities dedicated to defining, developing, and deploying V-Commerce in service to the citizens and businesses of Virginia.

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AccessVR, through its Virtual City (V-City) initiative, is a two-sided marketplace, much like eBay. However, by expanding from a two-dimensional screen to a three-dimensional digital world, businesses will be able to additionally sell services and experiences. On one side of the two-sided marketplace is our sellers, on the other side are buyers. 

The sellers, made up of small to midsize businesses, will introduce and expand some of the first new virtual careers. The first three virtual service provider careers in the V-City will be role players, facilitators, and builders. Large corporations who wish to sponsor the initiative will have the opportunity to advertise their brands through the city’s internal marketing system. On the buyer side, tourists, citizens of V-City, service providers and businesses, as well as government, education and corporations, make up the reach of our digital marketplace. 

While a two-sided marketplace, V-City also provides hybrid Software As A Service (SAAS) business opportunities. Tourists may become citizens for a fee. Citizens may become business owners for an upgraded monthly fee. Corporations and entities placing experiences within the V-City will pay a monthly SAAS fee as a means of supporting the larger initiative.

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