Center for Innovative Technology

Center for Innovative Technology (CIT)

AccessVR has a strong, collaborative relationship with the Center for Innovative Technology (CIT), having worked in developing Virginia’s Virtual City (VC) as part of the Commonwealth’s Smart Communities initiative. CIT is responsible for growing and diversifying Virginia’s economy by investing in and accelerating early stage innovation, commercialization, and entrepreneurship. The VC project — in which our leadership team and Brain Trust members participated — from conception through to operation  is a model ecosystem for how Virginians can work, entertain, and socialize in a virtual world. This initiative will build capacity and expertise in virtual reality (VR) around the Commonwealth to enable Virginia to be an early economic leader in the virtual economy of the future.

Stafford Smart City Initiative

Stafford Smart City Initiative

AccessVR is also working with CIT and Stafford County in the development of its new “smart” Town Center to be known as Downtown Stafford. Building on the work of the Virginia Smart Communities Working Group and related efforts, Virginia now has a Smart Communities State Action Plan. The plan calls for pilot projects to begin the process of building capacity and expertise around the Commonwealth, and these pilots are now underway. The pilots rely on “community-driven innovation” to identify topics relevant to each community and include a technology partner and support to initiate “agreed upon priorities.”

VR/AR Association

VR/AR Association - AccessVR Partner

The VR/AR Association serves as a liaison between the V-City and Virtual Service Providers (i.e., technical creators and VR design creators) who want to interact, engage, and sell their services within the V-City. The association has access to a worldwide network of VR/AR producers, and is responsible for managing relationships, communications, innovation and engagement with these creators for the V-City.

Conrad Foundation – Champion Partner

Conrad Foundation - AccessVR Partner

The Conrad Foundation’s mission is to “strive to promote collaborative, student-centered, real-world relevant learning that fosters innovation and entrepreneurship.” Fifteen years ago, Nancy Conrad, retired high school teacher and wife of astronaut Pete Conrad, started the Conrad Foundation as a way of unleashing students’ potential to create impactful solutions and a sustainable society for generations to come. AccessVR is excited to partner with the Conrad Foundation in bringing that dream to the V-City in a series of explorations that will enhance STEM learning in K-12. Additionally, AccessVR is proud to be a Conrad Challenge Champion Partner. The Conrad Challenge is “an annual, multi-phase competition that encourages creative, critical thinking and entrepreneurial collaboration among student teams around the world.”


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