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Higher education nurse educators and nursing students require easy-to-access training that accentuates and facilitates curriculum objectives for undergraduate and graduate programs. Whether for in-class modules, clinical experiences, or specialized exam preparation, AccessVR’s Orchestrate Role-Player Training System provides convenient, hands-on, story-driven learning moments focused on preparing your students for the ever-evolving demands of the modern nursing profession.

Access VR - Orchestrate Role-Player Training System

Orchestrate Role-Player Training System

is a proprietary Role-Player Management System. This Immersive Training platform provides access to role players (actors) for immersive training scenarios conducted in remote and/or virtual settings.

Challenges For Nursing Education

Nursing training is demanding, both academically and practically, giving students little time to practice what they are being taught. Training within a hospital or clinical setting increases the added pressure of dealing with real patients, where mistakes can have serious repercussions. And while nursing students can learn the steps of a physical exam, without a real person to interact with in a clinical setting, the transference of knowledge from theory to instinctive reaction cannot be fully achieved.

Similarly, when practicing scenarios with simulation manikins, students can rehearse an end-of-life sequence, but without a warm body offering varied responses, the impact of decision making becomes an existential exercise. And even when nursing students attempt to fill in as a patient receiving the bad news that a husband’s heart attack has resulted in death, students don’t experience the real-life interaction that a role-player can provide within a scenario.

AccessVR - Challenges For Nursing Education
Access VR - Orchestrate Role-Player Training System

Simulation and Role Play

Simulation and role play are the backbone of the immersive learning experience. When learning in simulation with an experienced role player, students gain the opportunity to practice in a risk-free zone, giving them time to be fully immersed in the experience, while also being able to assess their progress and learn positively at their own pace.

AccessVR’s Orchestrate Role-Player Training System enhances the quality of individual student learning as they:

  • Experience and practice essential learning moments that result in predictable learning outcomes
  • Practice hands-on techniques in a low-risk input scenario that allows each student to make disastrous mistakes and test alternative actions
  • Connect symbolic consequences in real-time, and where they can repeat the entire scenario until a satisfactory learning moment is achieved
  • Grow as impact behavior is activated and can be immediately assessed and replicated.

Results That Work For You

AccessVR provides an elegant role-player solution for nurse educators. The Orchestrate Role-Player Training System allows you to focus on teaching rather than having to become an expert in the technology. We make it convenient for you to activate, integrate, moderate, and assess student learning. You determine what immersive story you want your students to practice, and we develop the full immersive learning experience for you, including:

    • Planning, building, scripting, and executing the scenario
    • Scheduling and hiring role players
    • Preparing, communicating with, and compensating role players
    • Providing valuable role-player observations, review and feedback
    • All delivered within a comprehensive, immersive-learning system that achieves your intended learning outcomes and is scalable for interprofessional education
AccessVR - Results That Work For You


AccessVR is currently developing new role play and immersive learning solutions with the United States Government under a commercial-first contract that will allow us to share and expand these other products with the public, focusing initially on nursing education. We welcome our academic partners to be the first to test and utilize these systems as they become available.

If your academic program needs assistance to implement role-play simulation into your curriculum, or you would like to participate as a beta development partner, please contact us.

Hands-on Virtual Training

Hands-on virtual training allows learners to manipulate, alter, deconstruct, and construct virtual assets. Within the nursing field, examples might include assisting in an operation for a virtual liver, emergency room triage, or preparing for an interprofessional learning experience. This solution is useful in teaching hands-on processes and procedures.

Access VR - Hands-on Virtual Training

Learning 360 VR

Learning 360 VR is an experiential training library within an immersive learning management system that will offer a variety of applications from surgical procedures to diversity and inclusion training. When available, students will have access to the library 24/7.

Access VR - Learning 360 VR


AccessVR Client: George Washington University School of Nursing

We love AccessVR’s role-players! They provide a very rich learning environment for our students because each student has the ability to interact, assess, develop diagnostic reasoning, and make clinical decisions based on the role-player’s responses to questions and actions. We used them for our Advanced Health Assessment course and for our OSCE I and OSCE II events. Role players do a great job of learning the cases and then playing the part for our students. During COVID-19, they provided support for our students during simulated telehealth visits. We could not do what we do in nursing education without them.

Crystel L. Farina, PhD (c), RN, CNE, CHSE

Director of Simulation and Experiential Learning, The George Washington School of Nursing